Monday, May 6, 2013

Piling up.

So we had a day of today because STEP is around the corner and classes are winding down. Of course, I'm like yeah. Let's get all those errands done that were piling up.

And can I just say...what the hell is wrong with me? While cleaning out my room I've been writing down every piece of backlogged paperwork, entry for the shopping list, and general errand that needs to be attacked. I've ran out of space.

Also, I think the imp that lived in our microwave, that migrated to the internet connection, has now finally made his rounds to the printer. I have been toggling firewalls, plugging and unplugging cords, and doing printer dances, but there is no go. It's very fortunate that only one thing seems to go weird at a time in our apartment. But there's SO much paperwork to be done! And campus printers are not going to be working at this time of year because graduation just happened for all the undergrads.

Doesn't matter. I'm knocking at least 10 things off this list by the end of the day. There's probably about 25.

I'm off!

Oh, and as a side note. Despite all the spam I got on OKCupid, it's done it's job. I think I'm steadily dating someone now? And of course he's a great guy, so all my commitment phobia is going nuts in the back of my head. Well, that's to be expected and dealt with.