Monday, August 4, 2014

Top 5 from the weekend. New roommates, bridesmaid dress shopping, and the dream to glute thrust a mountain.

A lot has happened in the last few days.

1.  We had the monster move. I love my new roommates, and they're actually people that want to engage and socialize with each other. They're open as hell too. This must be what it's like to live with extroverts. One is a premed and the other is interior design. I've been helping the pre-med with his personal statement, but I might have overwhelmed the guy. So he's now writing a new statement, but it's going to take time. It's a trade off when you're applying this year. I really hope he does well. He's being really hard on himself right now, and I feel him.

2.  I went bridesmaid dress shopping for my high school bestie's wedding. I'm really excited. While David's bridal has a crappy color selection, and cheap fabrics, I have to give them credit for something. I was seeing sizes from 2-22, which was very important for us because I was a part of a group of women that included a size 0/2 and a 16/18. While I don't think any of the dresses looked stunning themselves, there were quite a few cuts that made a curvaceous woman look stunning in them. You'd be like, "Wow, that is a beautiful woman in a sort of shitty dress." And really that's no one's fault but the fabric. Satin is the international mascot of crappy cosplay.

We found something great at Dillards, although there was a bit of worry about the fit, on both ends of the party. But it worked out. Still, the entire experience was surreal when you see the difficulty that women go through to find something nice if they're just on the outside of the standard size. It made me sick to my stomach to see all the brands that stopped at a 16. When the average american is supposed to grace a 12? You have 2 sizes above that and 5 below it? What the hell. We walked in some expensive store and there was no more than two sizes in every dress. I didn't even check to see which ones. It just made me pissed and very protective feeling. Because I instantly clicked with the other bridesmaids*, and retailers can be so FLIPPANT when they talk about other people's bodies and the sizes that they include. Not right. It's just not. No one wants to feel like it's her fault that the bridal party has to choose another dress, but the reality is, it's our screwed up fashion industry which only acknowledges that bigger women exist, if they can hide them in a different part of the store with different brands.

3. I'm single again. I think both parties are good with this. This time, I'm making a promise to myself I'm just going to be single for a while. I'm really not interested in being asked about couple's matching as soon as I start dating someone again. And honestly, it feels a little pointless to be dating when you're going to be going off to a residency.

4. Pictures are tomorrow. Maybe I can reschedule. I for got to tell my new team to take time off for them and I just got on this rotation. Also, I'm healing up post Sub-I acne. Yeah, I get acne whenever I'm sleep deprived. I discovered this last year. If I sleep enough, it heals faster than it gets produced. If I don't sleep enough, it heals slower than it is produced. Acne pops up at about the same rate though.

5.  I think with this new rotation, I'm going to have to start lifting again because I have the time. Which means it's time to start up with the progress pics again. Oh yeah, I collect that shit. Over my Sub-I, I lost about 5 lbs in a month. Internal medicine sort of stresses me out, what can I say. I need to get back to bulking again. Inpatient steals my muscle mass. And since I am convinced the more muscle = wider surface area to distribute fat across = less cellulite, I want a good portion of that five pounds back. Also, I have a dream to squat my body weight. And pull up my body weight. And glute thrust a mountain.

*My friends have fabulous taste in their friends. If only we all lived in the same city. I'd have the best fox pack ever.

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